Your Dentist Office’s Favorite Fall Activities

We have asked around the office, and here the most common responses for favorite fall activities in our wonderful city!

  1. Visit a pumpkin patch. Thankfully we have several large pumpkin patches to choose from in the area, and most if not all offer additional activities aside from picking your perfect pumpkin. Most offer some form of hay ride and corn/straw maze.
  2. Pick apples in an orchard. While apples from the grocery store are much easier to acquire, there is something magical about going to the orchard yourself to hand pick your own apples!
  3. Walk/ride along the greenbelt. The greenbelt is always beautiful, but during the fall it sports perfect weather, phenomenal views, and amazing smells. The crunchy colorful leaves and crisp fall air make this
  4. See the changing trees from Tablerock. Boise is named the city of trees for a reason and in the fall Tablerock is one of the best places to see all the colorful trees stretching across the treasure valley.
  5. Visit a haunted house. This isn’t for everyone, but many people thoroughly enjoy the jumps and scares provided by the many local haunts.
  6. Make a fall recipe. Whether it be homemade rootbeer, pumpkin pies and cookies, or apple crumble, fall has some of the best desserts of any season! Do you agree?

What are your favorite fall activities? There are so many more, we know we have only scratched the surface! Comment your favorites here on our website, on our facebook page, or our BRAND NEW  Twitter page. Who knows, we might even start a new fall tradition :)

Employee Spotlight – Holly

Getting to know Holly

Brookdale Dental Boise ID Dentist 208-373-0018

 This is Holly! She is one of our fantastic hygienists! We took the opportunity to ask her a few questions and this was her response…

 I went to Oregon Institute of Technology in Klamath Falls, Oregon were I graduated with a BS in Dental Hygiene with a minor in Business.  This year, I celebrate 20 years as a dental hygienist. [Way to go, Holly!]

My inspiration for becoming a hygienist would be my step-mom (Sue) who was a dental assistant and her good friend Kim (my hygienist) growing up.  I was drawn to the dental relationship they had with their patients and the care they provided their patients.  Also, the office felt like an extended family.  So when I graduated from high school, I knew I wanted to help people with their oral health and make it a great experience.

I come from a large extended family with great parents.  I am the oldest of 6 brothers and 3 sisters.  I married my high school sweetheart.  We have 2 teenagers (16 & 13).  If I’m not busy with them then I’m either working on my 100 gallon tropical fish tank, gardening (flowers), or walking my dogs.  On a side note, I am still friends with my best friends since 3rd grade.  Also, once my kids graduate from high school I plan to travel to England, Ireland, Italy and other countries.


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Brushing your Toddlers Teeth – Awesome Tips and Tricks!

Toddler Teeth Brushing, Brookdale Dental, Family Dentistry, Boise Idaho

Helping your toddler brush their teeth can be challenging to say the least. However, it is  important to instill good brushing skills and habits at a young age, so don’t give up! If you are struggling to get those cute little mouths clean, consider trying some of these awesome tips and tricks.

  1. Mirror Mom & Dad – Children have an innate desire to copy what others do, so having them watch you brush your teeth, as well as any older siblings already in the habit, can work wonders at introducing the task at hand.
  2. Brush in the Bathtub – Parents have long noticed that for some reason children tend to protest the brushing of their teeth less while in the bathtub getting bathed. Perhaps it is the regimen of bathing that helps, or the idea of getting cleaned that assists the child in getting over the obstacle.
  3. Make it a Game – Try brushing for a few seconds in the child’s mouth, then a few seconds on the “mouth” of a stuffed animal, or toy. This seems to cut back on the stress of brushing for a few minutes all at once.
  4. Sing a Song – Make up a song while your brushing! Use this opportunity to make them laugh, and use brushing as the canvas for a song to keep them in the mood.
  5. Scavenger Hunt – Talk about finding their favorite toys, characters and food in their mouths, and children seem to forget you’re invading of their mouth with this giant torture device.
  6. Empower you child -Some of us have children that want to do everything on their own. Well, here’s a chance to let them take a stab at doing just that. If your kid is the type of individual who likes to do everything without assistance, let ’em try their hand at brushing. But be sure that independence doesn’t come without supervision.

To see where these tips came from and learn even more about toddler teeth brushing, check out this article,

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