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Getting to Know Dr. Eric Barney

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It’s kind of funny. As an undergrad student at Ricks College, I had never thought about entering a career in Dentistry. I actually wanted to be a surgeon. However, after a large amount of studying and job shadowing I started to get cold feet. I noticed that many of the surgeons had much busier schedules than I was looking for. At the time, my wife worked for an orthodontist and he suggested I look into the dental field. He mentioned it would still allow me to do surgery, but have the flexible schedule I was looking for. I took his advice and the rest is history!

I graduated from Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska in 1996 and started a practice here in Boise Idaho. I find joy in my job. The work itself is fun and challenging and I do love surgery, but I have found that there is so much more to love about dentistry. It is so nice to meet and interact with so many different people. It is also very rewarding to help people out of their pain, or to see them come to love their smiles! I thank God that He has given me this opportunity and the hands to do dentistry each day.

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I have been blessed with a wonderful wife of 28 years. Together, we have been blessed with 7 amazing children, and 3 adorable grandchildren, with 2 more on the way this year! We love this new chapter in our lives. Three of our children are still home with us, and they keep us hopping.  Two of our grandchildren live near by and they also help keep us young.

As a family we enjoy white water rafting the main Payette as often as possible. We love to travel around the country, and often find ourselves visiting Mickey Mouse in California. The time I get to spend with my family is priceless!

One thing many people are surprised to learn about me is that I grew up on a farm and raised hogs as a young boy. I have many memories of changing water, moving pipe, harvesting crops, and feeding all of the livestock. Sometimes I like to quiz my children on facts about hogs.

Thank you so much for trusting in me as your dentist. I have loved serving my patients all of these years.

-Dr. Eric Barney

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Ask Dr. Barney: Why do I need to visit the dentist every 6 months?

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We took some time to ask Dr. Barney a couple of frequently asked questions…

Why do I need to have appointments every 6 months, if I always take good care of my teeth?

  1. Research shows that (for the majority of people) bacteria begins to break down the tissues at 6 months.
  2. If you have decay, most of the time, it won’t grow significantly in 6 months.

In short, regular 6-month cleanings help prevent major problems before they happen! Gum disease and cavities are preventable! Don’t wait until it hurts!

What does a 6-month cleaning consist of?

  1. A Soft Tissue Cancer Exam – This exam is one of the best ways to prevent gum disease.
  2. A Joint and Muscles Exam of the Jaw and Mouth
  3. Polish Teeth and Remove Hard Calcium Deposits – Keep in mind, these hard deposits cannot be removed with a toothbrush!
  4. Fluoride Application – Fluoride Fortifies and Strengthens Enamel!

Ask us about our Cavity Free Program for Kids!

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Thank you!

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We’ve Got Customized Mouthguards – Get Them in Your School Colors!

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The fall sports season is upon us! Did you know that the American Dental Association has found that one third of all dental injuries are related to sports accidents? At Brookdale Dental in Boise, we offer custom sports mouthguards. We can even make them in your school’s colors! So bring your kids in for a fitting. Let’s keep your their teeth safe and sound this year!

For more information on the importance of mouthgaurds, check out this article “Does My Child Need a Mouthguard for Sports?”.

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