Sedation alternatives to fit your needs.

Dr. Barney offers various sedation alternatives for patients with a wide range of needs. Sedation is an option for anxious patients who desire a comfortable experience in the chair, and for patients in need of extensive treatment or oral surgery. Dr. Barney will discuss with you these various alternatives and help you decide what is best considering your health, treatment needs, and anxiety level.

IV Sedation

Many individuals have apprehension when contemplating dental treatment. Sedation will let you relax through your appointment and complete your treatment without worry. Dr. Barney is licensed to provide  moderdate IV sedation.  Deep sedation and General anesthetic are also offered.*

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is an effective tool for anxious patients. This option involves sedative taken orally the night before and the morning of your appointment, although the procedure varies depending on the level of sedation you desire. Some patients are given a very light oral sedation just to take the edge off of their anxiety. Other patients choose a deeper sedation. Patients under oral sedation are in a very relaxed state and will experience partial to complete memory loss. You will need transportation home and need to plan on staying home the remainder of the day, as this sedation wears off slowly.

Nitrous Oxide

This is often called “laughing gas” and is very commonly used in both children and adults.¬†Nitrous oxide is a comfortable alternative for very light sedation and will help patients to feel relaxed but still aware. It is often used to supplement other forms of sedation. The effects wear off quickly and there is no need to have someone else drive you home.

*Provided by a licienced dental anesthesiologist.