Solar Eclipse 2017 – What can I expect in Boise, ID?

Solar Eclipse Boise, ID

The 2017 Total Solar Eclipse: Is it really worth all the hype?

Some areas in Idaho will be in the path of the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st of this year! And the truth is… this is really cool!

Whether or not you decide to travel to within the totality section is up to you! We have been told to expect high levels of traffic, as this is expected to be the most viewed solar eclipse in history! Whatever you decide to do, be safe!

FUN FACT: Dr. Barney remembers seeing the last Total Solar Eclipse that passed through South Eastern Idaho. He was in grade school and went outside to watch the moon cover the sun. He says he remembers it going very dark and that it was a really neat sight! [Ask him about his experience!]

What can I expect in Boise?

Even though Boise isn’t in the path of totality, it should still be a neat sight with the sun being 99.6% obscured! It is still considered only a partial eclipse, but the sight will still be a rare opportunity!

By using a Solar Eclipse Calculating Tool (thanks to a US Navy Website!) you can find the exact times and Totality Percentages for your city! Here are a few close by…

Boise, Idaho [Click Here] 99.6% obscured!

Meridian, Idaho [Click Here] 99.5% obscured!

Eagle, Idaho [Click Here] 99.7% obscured!

Stanley, Idaho [Click Here] 100% obscured for 2 minutes 14 seconds

In Boise, Idaho:

Moon will begin it’s eclipse of the sun at 10:10am.

The maximum eclipse amount will be at 11:27am.

The eclipse will end at 11:50am.

How do I prepare?

Solar Eclipse Glasses –  Looking directly at the sun can be harmful to your eyes! There are several places around town and many more online that sell Solar Eclipse glasses! Solar eclipse glasses are made from a special material that allow you to look directly at the sun without damaging your eyes! We recommend that you get your glasses early! You don’t want to miss out! Stores could sell out as the day gets closer!

Don’t believe everything you read on Facebook! With that being said, it’s probably a good idea to get your grocery shopping done a few days before and your cars full of gas. Also, expect traffic delays! Idaho historically has good weather so they are expecting a larger number of people here. NASA is going to be in Rexburg, ID!

What happens if I travel to the within the path of the Total Solar Eclipse?

Total Solar Eclipse

If you want to see a TOTAL solar eclipse, you will have to travel a little ways outside of Boise to view it! If you do though, you will be able to see some neat things that only happen when you are viewing a total solar eclipse.

Here is a YouTube Video that explains some of the phenomena that happens during a Total Solar Eclipse!

[Skip to time 2:10] Why do we have solar eclipses? What are the different kinds of solar eclipses?

[Skip to 3:30] Phases of the Solar Eclipse (Including “Shadow Snakes/Bands”, a “Diamond Ring”… What???)


For those who are traveling, Travel Safe! For those who are staying, enjoy the view!

~Dr. Barney and Staff at Brookdale Dental of Boise, Idaho

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